Decorating Trends For 2023

Trending Christmas 2023. As professional holiday decorators it’s our job to pay attention to trends in holiday decorating, here and abroad. It’s also our personal beliefs at Light the Lights, that trends are fun when they can be incorporated into a current collection and when they feel like they fit the space. Finding small ways to get big impact on trends beats the cost of doing a completely new tree and decorations. Christmas trends are always subject to personal taste. Trends aren’t for everyone, some prefer tradition and classic styles, especially at Christmas. 

Sometimes however, and for a million different reasons, we feel the need to shake things up a bit with our holiday displays. 

The article attached below is a sneak peek at some of the Christmas trends being forecast in 2023. 

Before you see the article, we have also added our favorite three trends from the article and how we would interpret them. Personally, our favorites are: 

Luxury Metallics 2023 Trend

Luxury, Metallics, sign us up! We see this as an opportunity to update your current collection with a few key items to add to your silvers and golds, to get a look with a twist. This trend can still incorporate the red or color you currently have, but adds the elegance, by amping up the shine and metallic sparkle to epic proportions. 

How to:

Elements of champagne gold
Touches of copper
Gilding and gold leaf

The trick is incorporating the metallics together in a pleasing palate that feels like a nod to the glamour of the Great Gatsby and the polish of the Chrysler Building. The finishes should not compete with each other but instead create a collage that unifies the different elements into a cohesive look. Champagne gold, or even platinum is a great unifier to silver and gold. It’s their best friends when mixing metals. 

How to make it spectacular: Add glass chandelier pieces, and a set of shimmering lights in the center of the tree to give movement and sparkle.


Neon Brights 2023 Trend

 This is a trend that can be easily pulled together with a few key items you can even buy at Amazon. The wow factor is big, and it won’t be a laundry list of items to make this trend happen in 2023. It’s fresh, colorful and perfect for someone wanting something bright and new. The best part is the neon lights can be used after the holidays! 

How to: 

Pop color ornaments
Silver tinsel
Amazon neon LED stars

The combination of adding the stars into a color matched combo of hot pink, purple and jewel tones brings the punch on this look. To make it next level, generously sprinkling the tree with silver tinsel. The silver tinsel reflects all the lights on the tree amplifying the neon bright theme to the max. 

This neon trend could also be done with white neon stars and a metallic silver tree dripping in red baubles. 

It’s a fun trend that can be interpreted in a full spectrum of different ways from punk to glam to even farmhouse. 

 Blue and Ocean Hues 2023 Trend

Blues have always been around. Blues in Christmas have been done since Elvis released the single in 1964. Blue is trending again, but this time around it’s in soothing blues, and it’s all in the execution.

 How to:

 Champagne effect lighting
Natural elements like beach wood and glass
Blue ornaments in washed out beach colors

We feel the “champagne effect” style lighting combination is the perfect backdrop for this look. Combining cool white LED and warm white lighting provides a depth of color and the perfect backdrop for a collection of dusty blue glass baubles. By staying in the same color family of washed and faded blues (that evoke the ocean, and the clouds on the beach) these natural elements will ground this trend creating a fresh classic experience. 

Well you heard our thoughts. Are you going to stay classic this Christmas or are your ready to try something new?


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