Services: Virtual Christmas Consulting

Are you looking to take your holiday decorations to the next level this year? Do you want to create a memorable and festive atmosphere in your home, but you're not sure where to start? Look no further than our virtual consultations for Christmas decorations! 

Our team of expert decorators is here to work with you to create a stunning and unique holiday display you can create by yourself. 

With a Light the Lights virtual consultation, you'll receive personalized advice and guidance on everything from color schemes and lighting to tree decor and outdoor displays. 

If you need us to, we can also be your one stop shop to purchase all the items you need, from our roster of Christmas Contacts, and have them shipped directly to your home. 

Our process is simple and convenient. You'll schedule a virtual consultation with us, at a time that works for you, and we'll connect via video chat. During the consultation, we'll discuss your vision for your decorations and offer suggestions and tips to make it a reality. We'll also provide you with a detailed plan and list of materials you'll need to bring your vision to life. 

Our virtual consultations are perfect for those who want to take their holiday decor to the next level but don't have the expertise on how to do it on their own. Whether you're looking to create a classic winter wonderland or a unique and modern display, we're here to help. 

Whether it’s interior, or exterior, don't struggle to decorate your home for the holidays. Schedule your virtual consultation with us today and let us help you create a festive and memorable holiday display that will impress all your guests!



Address:401 E. Jackson St, Suite 3300, Tampa, FL 33602


Hours:Monday - Saturday | 9am - 5pm

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